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How to Promote Your Bitcoin Business with Coinzilla Advertising Network

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It’s 2017 and Fintech is booming. There’s no doubt about that. More and more people are implementing on their business the blockchain technology. Others have started accepting cryptocurrencies to their businesses. One thing is certain – cryptocurrencies will soon be adopted by most of the existing businesses.
In a market that becomes more competitive day by day, making your businesses stand out may be a bit difficult. But you don’t need to worry about this at all if you’re working with Coinzilla Advertising Network.

Coinzilla Advertising Network – Promoting Your Business the Smart Way is a Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Advertising Network born in November 2016. Coinzilla was created with the main purpose of becoming leaders in the Bitcoin Advertising niche by delivering outstanding results to their advertisers and publishers.
Since they started, a lot of businesses reached where they are now with the help of Coinzilla Advertising Network. And that’s not all, a lot of cryptocurrency webmasters increased their revenue by using them.
Their advertising formats were carefully designed to offer any business the maximum exposure possible in a way that is pleasant for any website owner and non-intrusive for the visitors. Among their advertising formats are: Standard banners, Popunders and Floating banners.
The most used ones are Standard banners and Floating banners as those are non-intrusive for the visitors and convert better to the advertiser offers. The Standard banners sizes are: 728x90px, 300x250px, 486x60px and 160x600px. Those are usually put in places where the visibility is higher than average, such as the website sidebar or the website header.
The Floating banner has only one dimension: 300x250px and its set to be displayed in the right corner of the website as in the picture below.

Besides this, Coinzilla is working with some top publishers from the cryptocurrency niche:,,, and many others. Their traffic will offer you a leverage in promoting your business. Moreover, their team has a 3+ year experience in the advertising and cryptocurrency niche which can offer you valuable insights about promoting your business.
They’re available more than 12 hours a day to help you and you may contact them on Skye, Telegram and Email.

What are the main benefits of working with Coinzilla?
Multiple factors makes Coinzilla unique in the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Advertising industry. Among the most important there are:• One of the lowest minimum deposit to start your campaign. With a deposit of 0.01 BTC, you may start advertising on Coinzilla:

• Professional Geotargeting system, allowing you to select only the countries you’re interested in
• Conversions tracking system, providing you with valuable information regarding the visitors that see your ad. You will also have the ability to blacklist or whitelist any source that doesn’t convert how you wish.
• Maximum control over your campaign, offering you the ability to pause, start or modify the campaign at any time.
• Cryptocurrency Investor traffic, reaching people that are interested in this and invested in ICOs before
• Help with promoting your business, by offering you guidance regarding other partners of Coinzilla that may help your bitcoin business

In case you’re wondering, there are a lot of ICOs that chose Coinzilla to promote them: HeardBeats, PlayMarket, HOQU, CyberMiles, Emphy and many others. Either if you have an established bitcoin business or an ICO – Coinzilla will prove itself a trustworthy partner which will advertise your business only to audience interested in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency industry.
If you want to open a Bitcoin related business or an ICO, Coinzilla Advertising Network would be the best partners for you if you want quality results for your business. Their professionalism and dedication will be extremely valuable in growing your business.


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