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Synereo Bringing Decentralized Social Media to China

Oct 27, 2016


Author Andrew Wagner Synereo's first and most well-known decentralized application is their Social Media Layer, a decentralized social media platform. This could have revolutionary applications in mainland China, where social media is heavily controlled by the government, and the Chin...

Andreas Antonopoulos AMA with the 8BTC Community

Jul 31, 2016


The Chinese Bitcoin community is one of the major stakeholders in the digital currency ecosystem. Thanks to their active participation in mining and trading related activities. One of the leading Chinese Bitcoin community, had a chance to interact with Andreas Antonopoulos in ...

Gavin Andresen is Not Giving Up on Bitcoin Classic

May 11, 2016


During a recent AMA on Chinese Bitcoin community website 8btc, Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen confirmed that he’s not giving up on Bitcoin Classic and the project intends to proceed with their development plans. Andresen also reiterated his past statements regardin...

8BTC Interview with BTCChina

Nov 8, 2013


  Bitcoin continues to grow in value and BTC China, the lead Chinese Bitcoin exchange and one of the lead Bitcoin exchanges in the world, is expanding tremendously. Bitcoin Magazine received a transcribed and translated copy of Yang Yang of 8BTC’s interview with Bobby L...