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Undeclared Bitcon Miners Detained By China Customs

Jan 12, 2018

Red Li

January 10 Hangzhou- According to Sohu,  Hangzhou Customs seized 3 sets of bitcoin miner that were  smuggled in by foreign tourists at the Yiwu aviation port. This is the first time that Hangzhou Customs seized such machines. There are several other cases that undeclared bitcoin miners ...

Chinese Community Question Integrity Of Hardware Wallet

Jan 9, 2018

Red Li

Redditor moodyrocket find his “life saving” wiped out after he transferred $34,000 of crypto on the Nano Ledger hardware wallet, which he acquired second hand from online seller. 8btc posted the Chinese translation and the news trigger questioning on the integrity of hardware wallets. Some o...

Bytom Team Up with ObEN to Build Blockchain Lab

Dec 26, 2017

Recently, Bytom Chain announced to co-build blockchain lab with ObEN, the personal artificial intelligence (Personal AI, PAI) leader in US. ObEN, a leader in personal AI, obtained a $ 14 million Series A round of financing by Tencent, SoftBank, and CrestValue as lead...

Could Bitmain Prevail AI with Sophon TPU?

Dec 25, 2017

Red Li

Micree Zhan (Zhan Ketuan), co-founder and CEO of Bitmain, delivered a speech entitled "Another Plnetary Computing Driven By AI" on the "AI WORLD 2017 Beijing". He and officially released the BITMAIN AI Brand:SOPHON (Suanfeng in Chinese Pinyin), and the worl...