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Bytom Team Up with ObEN to Build Blockchain Lab

Recently, Bytom Chain announced to co-build blockchain lab with ObEN, the personal artificial intelligence (Personal AI, PAI) leader in US.

ObEN, a leader in personal AI, obtained a $ 14 million Series A round of financing by Tencent, SoftBank, and CrestValue as leader-investors in June 2017. It has been researching on the implementation of PAI using blockchain technology for a year and become an innovation partner of PAI Chain as an AI public blockchain.

PAI Chain is an AI public blockchain developed to support personal artificial intelligence (PAI) technology of, a leading American AI technology company. PAI chain is committed to combining the available AI technology with blockchain technology, to build the world’s first decentralized AI parallel computing platform. PAI’s artificial intelligence chain can learn from the data uploaded like selfies, sound recording and simple interaction to create a digital avatar that looks, talks, sings, and behaves like you. It can do things for you out of your will and make relentless progress through interactions. In this way a decentralized and trustworthy individual AI Network is built, on which various decentralized industrial applications could be developed and operated, then form a blockchain-based AI application ecosystem. In this sense, it can be seen as an underlying public chain with specialized function. PAI chain is rewritten from the Genesis Block of the Bitcoin blockchain, incorporating the AI layer into the blockchain and using mining computing power for AI parallel computing, so the AI computational costs is reduced with efficiency increased.

Bytom Chain Foundation Director Li Zongcheng said,

“Digital identity is an important aspect for the implementation of blockchain. ObEN’s digital identity is undertaken by the world’s leading developing team and focuses on connections between individual real identity and digital identity; As a public chain perpendicular to the asset category, Bytom Chain is devoted to the realization of connection between digital assets and real assets. The upstream and downstream relationship between our two parties enables us to work together to ease the connection between the virtual world and the real world by building the blockchain lab in joint effort. “


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